Kimanthi puts marathon on international radar

MARATHON: Jaded by jet lag, Kenya's Andrew Kimanthi thought he'd be among the also-rans in yesterday's Sunshine Coast Marathon.

But the 28-year-old from near Nairobi blitzed the field to set an event record of 2hrs20min32sec.

In a sign the Sunshine Coast marathon has become a truly international race in just its third edition, Kimanthi showed his credentials with a simply devastating display.

He won by eight minutes from Stephen Dinneen, with Clay Dawson a further nine minutes adrift.

His performance was even more surprising given he only arrived on Saturday following a 40-hour journey from Africa, which included stops in India and Singapore

JOURNEYMAN: Winner Andrew Kimanthi.
JOURNEYMAN: Winner Andrew Kimanthi. Warren Lynam

"I was not expecting to win because I was very tired," he said.

"I didn't have time for recovery. It was a long way to come for the time I am spending here."

Kimanthi started running with friends in high school and his talent has since taken him to many destinations around the world. But he admits it could be hard to break into the Kenyan team for the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro.

"It's my dream but it is very difficult for me," he said.

In other results, Roxie Fraser won the women's marathon in 2:52.46 (see accompanying story). Marita Eisler (2:59.21) and Fiona Kupresanin (2:59.50) claimed minor places.

In the half-marathon, Hintsa Mebrahtu (1:10.48) was ahead of David Kalinowski (1:14.18). Sunshine Coast's Melanie Panayiotou (1:17.57) was two minutes in front of Clare Geraghty in the women's section. (see back page).

Tim George (33.19) and Annelise Jefferies (37.04) won the 10km races. Teenager Jake Hynes won the men's 5km (18.00) and local Margie Atthow won the women's 5km (18.31). The 2km races were won by youngster Dominic Kay (08.24) and Michaela Pulford (09.14).



Marathon: Andrew Kimanthi (2:20.32), Roxie Fraser (2:52.46)

Half-marathon: Hintsa Mebrahtu (1:10.48), Melanie Panayiotou (1:17.57)

10km: Tim George (33.19), Annelise Jefferies (37.04)

5km: Jake Hynes (18.00), Margie Atthow (18.31)

2km: Dominic Kay (08.24), Michaela Pulford (09.14)

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