FLOOD RISK: Council planners oppose a new house site on flood-prone land near the national park.
FLOOD RISK: Council planners oppose a new house site on flood-prone land near the national park. Contributed

Flood risks could scuttle land division plan in Noosa

A BID to subdivide one Noosa Heads block that backs onto national park could be about to go downhill due to the council's flooding fears.

The Mitti St application now before the council has been recommended for refusal by senior planner Kerri Coyle as one lot is "subject to significant flooding from an overland drainage path”.

The 1373sqm site is a battle-axe-shaped lot that consists of 17per cent slope from Mitti St towards the rear of the site.

"The applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated the proposal will not cause offsite flooding impacts,” said Ms Coyle in her report, to be discussed by councillors today.

"The proposed reconfiguration will ultimately place more people within an area which has a clear risk of flooding compromising people's safety.

"This application has been lodged in response to a complaint received raising concerns that the new buildings recently constructed at 20 Mitti St are being used as two detached houses in breach of the Noosa Plan,” she said.

The planner said the flood inundation was still a concern even though the water rises were of a short duration.

Ms Coyle said a review of house plans, an online search and "discussions with the owner suggests that the house on lot two is being offered online for short-term visitor accommodation, with the house on lot one being used by the owner”.

"It is proposed to raise the driveway to help offset flooding impacts on the surrounding properties and to gain safe access to and from the site,” Ms Coyle said.

"However, it is considered the applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated that there will be no offsite flooding impacts as a result of the proposal and therefore has the potential to cause actionable nuisance and compromise the safety of people and property.”

The matter will be discussed by councillors at Monday's general committee meeting before a vote next Thursday at the council's ordinary meeting.

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