GREEN BEANS: FOMO Cafe barista Arjuna Gabbard serves a reusable coffee cup for a discount.
GREEN BEANS: FOMO Cafe barista Arjuna Gabbard serves a reusable coffee cup for a discount. Amber Macpherson

FOMO on some coin? Just bring your own cup

A SUNSHINE Beach cafe was excited to learn it was the first in Noosa to sign up to a scheme promoting an eco-friendly approach to coffee cups.

FOMO cafe and bar is now registered online as a 'Responsible Cafe', encouraging coffee drinkers to bring their own cup and receive a discount of 50c.

Owner Rory White and employee Jasmin Boyd said the cafe had always engaged in environmentally sustainable practices, but learnt they could officially accredit the cafe after watching the ABC's War on Waste program.

"It's been a passion of mine for a while to reduce waste,” Rory said.

"I was part of the Coast Care for Yaroomba, we've both been involved in environmental groups in Noosa.

"We were the first in Noosa and the third on the Sunshine Coast to sign up. It's a good feeling, we were surprised.”

Jasmin said a sign letting customers know about the Responsible Cafes initiative has helped to start a conversation about the throw away culture.

"People come in and have a coffee and see our responsible cafe sign and they'll say 'oh, we saw that on War on Waste',” Jasmin said.

"It just follows on with that education of the public. If they're talking about sustainable practices, the more chat about it there is, the more we'll see change.

"It's good to see it's becoming more apparent in the main stream, it's finally got through to people.”

Rory said FOMO uses a number of ways to minimise waste and carbon footprint.

"We don't sell bottled water, everything is in a glass bottle,” he said.

"We've got chillies growing in the garden, limes, herbs, lemon myrtle that we use on our menu.

"When we opened, we wanted to enhance the space and the natural environment that's here, to keep it really lush and green and a habitat for animals and insects.”

"We make our food fresh to order, all our chutneys and jams are house made,” Jasmin said.

"Our mushrooms are from a local grower, he uses our coffee grinds on his mushrooms to grow them and we use his mushrooms in one of our signature dishes.

"We've got a recycling bin that gets very full. We're all about reducing our waste.”


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