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Gaga lasted two weeks before getting pulled over

LADY Gaga was pulled over by the police only two weeks after passing her driving test.

The 'Pokerface' hitmaker was making her way down the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles when the cops stopped her for not having her new number plates yet.

She wrote on Twitter: "Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! I just haven't received plates yet for my new pick up! (sic)"

The 30-year-old star took to Instagram earlier this month to reveal how thrilled she was that she could finally drive legally at the age of 30.

Captioning a series of pictures, she wrote: "Thelma and Puhleaaaze (And yes I FINALLY got my license after years of driving w an adult present and a learners permit). I'M FREE . . . Rollin w the homies. ...

"Me at the DMV. SCHOOLS OUT ... And after I passed my driving test. PRAISE HIM (sic)"

But Gaga admitted in 2011 that she wasn't sure she should ever "be given" permission to drive.

She said at the time: "I was given a car as a gift, but I don't have a license. I don't drive. I am not sure I should be given a license."

Meanwhile, the songstress is also gearing up for her wedding to Taylor Kinney and recently revealed she is letting her mother plan the big day.

She said: "I think if I wouldn't let my mom do this with all of us and my family - I think if I would've denied the women of my life the planning of the wedding - they would probably kill me. I have all the help in the world in a way!"

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