WORKPLACE MATTERS: Genuine attempts to address red tape

RED tape reared its ugly head again this week. It is a significant regulatory burden facing Sunshine Coast small businesses and CCIQ is committed to tackling it.

For a number of years we have been dedicated to addressing this major issue and working with all levels of government to not only highlight the impact that red tape has on business but to also identify opportunities for reform.

We genuinely believe the new State Government is trying hard to fix the problem, too. CCIQ is a member of the government's new Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council, represented by our CEO Stephen Tait, advising on regulatory issues impacting on small business growth.

Small Business Minister Kate Jones, who chairs the council, said they will work through real life examples where government can reduce red tape to relieve the burden on Coast businesses.

Since a baseline of regulatory requirements was first established in 2012, the Palaszczuk government and CCIQ have jointly vowed to work together to ensure that new regulatory requirements do not impose unnecessary and unintended burdens on business.

We are focused on working together to analyse the issues that impose a significant regulatory burden on business, identifying reform projects and making recommendations on regulatory reform across industry sectors.

It is also very timely. CCIQ's annual red tape survey of small businesses across the state is due out very soon and is bound to be enlightening.

That document will certainly give the government and the council plenty of material to work with in coming months to achieve significant red tape reduction.

Inappropriate and inefficient regulation is such a major constraint on business growth and is reducing the Sunshine Coast's competitiveness at a time when our economy is combating global and economic challenges.

  • Kimberley Lynch is CCIQ's regional manager for the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay


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