DESIGNER STYLE: Jeanie Hunter has opened Lipstick Lane, a co-working space for creative people to flourish.
DESIGNER STYLE: Jeanie Hunter has opened Lipstick Lane, a co-working space for creative people to flourish. Caitlin Zerafa

Getting co-creative

THE co-workspace movement is fast becoming the trendy way to work from home and now Noosa has its very own for creative people.

Jeanie Hunter is the genius behind Lipstick Lane Atelier and Showroom, a space specially designed for people like herself to come and work in an environment with like-minded people.

"In Noosa there is a lot of self-employment and creatives, and while they are not necessarily in an office full time, they can have somewhere where they can be part of the community and have a sense of flexibility,” Jeanie said.

"It really fills the void of what wasn't there when I was starting out.”

Jeanie specialises in millinery and fashion, designing head-to-toe racewear, and has been in the industry for 15 years.

"Finding somewhere at home to actually set yourself up properly can be hard, especially to have that creative environment.

"Working for yourself or working from home is great for a while but then you really start to yearn that workplace environment.”

There, the inspiration for Lipstick Lane evolved.

Jeanie has created a practical and versatile space for creatives to work on their projects and products.

"The idea is for people to come in who have a little bit more than a laptop.

"Everything is on wheels so it can be reconfigured to different uses.”

The commercial space is decked out with various work spaces made from recycled materials, a showroom, kitchenette, and bathroom facilities.

"A lot of the materials that we have used here have all been recycled,” Jeanie said.

"My husband is a builder by trade.”

Jeanie said the space was also somewhere people could show and sell work.

"The other side of Lipstick Lane is the fact that as a designer you've got to then find somewhere to sell the product,” she said.

As a mum of three, including a newborn baby, Jeanie knows that finding the time to make a product and then sell it can be hard to juggle, as too is finding a space to do so.

"Sometimes home is not very presentable.”

"This is to bridge the gap there that you can get started and direct people to here and have pop-up shops on the weekend.”

Since opening in March, Jeanie has been working to organically grow her business but said there has been a lot of interest.

"I am excited to connect, collaborate and create alongside other inspiring, creative women and motivated about the future and value of co-working environments.”

"It's just not a boring office space, its somewhere inspiring to come to work every day.”

Lipstick Lane is open daily with workshops held on weekends.

To contact Jeanie email or visit the website.

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