My Kitchen Rules contestants Gianni and Zana.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Gianni and Zana. Channel 7

Gianni and Zana send Mitch and Laura packing from MKR

GIANNI and Zana's ultimate instant restaurant was like a tale of two meals.

Judge Manu Feildel loved his entrée and main while Pete Evans had issues with his first two dishes.

While the competitive couple was worried about how well the whole prawns in their seafood stew were cooked, they forgot to clean them.

"I have no issue with eating messy food… but the biggest concern I had with that prawn is you didn't clean it properly," Evans said.

"The other negative I have is there isn't enough salt… just that pinch would have just lifted it."

Feildel's only criticism of his sardines was that they were under-seasoned.

Gianni and Zana appeared more confident with their main courses, but only one hit the mark.

"I absolutely loved it. I just can't fault this dish," Feildel said of their spiced lamb.

"It was gorgeous to look at and it was gorgeous to eat."

But the burek cigars were dry and a thick humous didn't help the texture of the dish.

 "I know there's a lot of work that's gone into this but it's quite an average dish," Evans said.

"It's not the Gianni and Zana I'm used to."

The tables turned in the final course as Evans raved about his dessert, even though it didn't ooze, and Feildel struggled to find anything good to say about his.

"I know it's your grandma's recipe but I didn't really enjoy it

"It's funny because even though the sugar syrup is sweet the tespixhe is not.

"The only saving grace for me was the bursts in that citrus salad… I'm underwhelmed."

The judges bid farewell to "amazing" cooks Mitch and Laura, the youngest team to ever appear on the show.

"I'm happy we pushed the boundaries because that's what we came here to do," Laura said.

The semi-finals start tomorrow night. The winner of tomorrow's cook-off will progress to Tuesday's grand final.


Gianni and Zana's menu

Entrée: Adriatic seafood stew

Entrée: Sardines with capers, olives and bread

Main: Burek cigars with figs and goat's cheese

Main: Spiced lamb loin with chestnut puree and mushroom tart

Dessert: Nondaja's Tespixhe with citrus salad

Dessert: Black mountain chocolate molten lava cake

Score: 71

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