RIGHT: Dr Wayne Nicolas of the oncology ward with Cherish-Rose.
RIGHT: Dr Wayne Nicolas of the oncology ward with Cherish-Rose. Contributed

Girl, 11, with 10kg tumour on road to recovery

FOR the past two months, 11-year-old Cherish-Rose Lavelle has fought a battle no child should fight.

In early January, the Hervey Bay schoolgirl was told she had a 10kg tumour in her stomach and was diagnosed with an aggressive germ-cell cancer on her ovaries.

Now, after weeks of chemotherapy, Cherish-Rose's condition is finally starting to improve as the tumour, which was so big doctors thought she was pregnant, continues to shrink.

Cherish-Rose's mother Louise Lavelle said that since its discovery the tumour had shrunk to more than half its original size and now weighed about 3.5kg.

"(On Wednesday) it shrank to the point where it could be surgically removed," Louise said.

ABOVE: Cherish-Rose inter- views a woman for Juiced TV.
ABOVE: Cherish-Rose inter- views a woman for Juiced TV. Contributed


"The blood count shows the tumour is active, which is scary, so it could be another two to four months before we can go home."

Despite her daughter's condition improving, Louise said the entire ordeal was like "going through hell".

"There was a point where she was crying hysterically and I thought she was saying she wanted nanny - my mum who passed away 10 years ago," she said.

"Then I realised she was saying she wanted to go to nanny and I just broke down."

Despite experiencing many lows, Cherish-Rose has experienced a number of highs.

While in hospital, she was approached by crew members of Juiced TV, a television show broadcast throughout Lady Cilento Children's Hospital's wards through the Patient Entertainment System.


When asked if she would like to appear Cherish-Rose jumped on board and hosted her own episode.

"Before she got sick she joined a casting agency in Brisbane but not long after that she got sick," Louise said.

"So it's really nice that she was able to do something related while she was in hospital."

In another round of good news, Cherish-Rose will be granted a wish by the Make a Wish Foundation once she recovers.

Although she has plenty of options to pick from, Louise said she hoped to go on a cruise with friends and family.

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