ELIMINATED: Xavier's green curry wasn't up to scratch.
ELIMINATED: Xavier's green curry wasn't up to scratch. Channel 10

Girls triumph in MasterChef's battle of the sexes

THE women have officially won MasterChef's battle of the sexes, sending two men home in tonight's double elimination.

Michael Todd and Xavier Doran were sent home at the end of this week's Barossa boot camp, which saw the female contestants excel in a series of location-based challenges.

A woman has yet to be eliminated from the show, although that could soon change with the contestants now competing as individuals.

Doran, 24, put the blokes' performance issues down to communication.

"I think being blokes we're all sort of got a lot to say often and we saw a massive communication breakdown in Maggie Beer's challenge," he said.

"There was a lot of testosterone going around in the boys' camp the past two weeks."

Michael and Xavier say their farewells.
Michael and Xavier say their farewells. Channel 10

Adelaide cinema proprietor Todd found being so close, yet so far away from his family hard during his week in the Barossa Valley.

"We drove within 500m of my house, and I think that played heavily on my mind for most of that week," he said.

"Was my heart in it at the time? But I have to say I'd do it all over again."

While the undercooked gum-leaf smoked chicken he served up to the judges last night was "a cardinal sin", Todd walks away with his head held high for cooking a hollandaise sauce Matt Preston called the best he'd ever tasted on the show.

Doran tipped Lucy Wallrock, Pip Sumbak, Rishi Desai and Christina Batista as early frontrunners in the fifth series.

MasterChef continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Ten.

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