Queensland Government cracks down on
Queensland Government cracks down on "students in suits" misusing discount fares Brett Wortman

Go Card concessions rorted by "students in suits"

UP TO 65,000 Queenslanders could be fined for fare evasion as the LNP Government cracks down on "students in suits", former students using their out-of-date ID cards to score cheap travel.

The new Tertiary Transport Card is now being introduced by the Department of Transport, after it crunched the numbers to find 150,000 people had travelled on student discounts, despite there only being 85,000 students eligible.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the "rort" was costing Queensland about $8 million per year.

""For years, passengers have raised concerns about 'students in suits' where former students who are no longer enrolled in full-time courses continue to use their old ID to get cheap travel," he said.

"That is unfair to honest passengers and rorting puts more upward pressure on fares."

From July 1, any student paying for a discounted fair without the new TTC could be fined up to $227.

For more information on the Tertiary Transport Concession Card, visit TransLink.