Snake invades monopoly game

Go straight to jail! Python interrupts Monopoly session

A PYTHON that made itself at home inside a Sunshine Coast kitchen has put a dramatic, shrieking end to a monopoly session.

Rae Painter and two friends were in the Noosa home about 8pm on Monday when they finally noticed the python.

"Tom got up to go get a glass of water, and it was just there," she said.

"It had made its way from the front door and up the stairs into the lounge room and kitchen. It was just chilling there until we saw it.

A snake made an unwelcome guest to the board games night.
A snake made an unwelcome guest to the board games night. Rae Painter

"We were screaming, and then jumped on the chairs."

Her friend grabbed the snake, which Ms Painter estimated was about 2m long, but it proved difficult to wrangle and made several breaks for freedom.

After 10 minutes he was finally able to drag it back down the stairs and outside.

Ms Painter said she would "definitely" be keeping the door closed in the future.

"Windows too," she said.

She said she'd never seen a snake around the house before.

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