COMFORT: The new pontoon boats have a toilet, pizza oven, barbecue, drinking water and a sink.
COMFORT: The new pontoon boats have a toilet, pizza oven, barbecue, drinking water and a sink. Amber Macpherson

Good times Ready 2 Go on this boat hire business

THERE'S nothing like cruising the Noosa River on a warm, sunny day, but doing it in luxury? Priceless.

Noosa business Ready 2 Go Boat Hire treats its customers to superior comfort and practicality aboard its new barbecue pontoon boats all for reasonable prices.

My friends and I booked a 12-person luxury pizza/barbecue pontoon boat for a 30th birthday party on a Saturday afternoon in November.

It was a balmy day, the waters were calm, and we had everything on board provided to make it a day to remember - a new barbecue, a pizza oven, eskies, drinking water, a toilet and plenty of room to move around.

It's safe to say we felt spoilt - by the weather, by the company of friends, and by Ready 2 Go Boat Hire owner Dennis Algerie.

"When I went and tested and hired from everyone else before I opened Ready 2 Go, I noticed the pontoons were missing water, sinks and toilets, prep stations, somewhere to wash your hands,” Mr Algerie said.

"That's where my success has been to date, having those facilities. Luxury is not a padded seat - it's needing to go to the toilet and being able to go.

"I'm at the same price as competitors, but offering brand new boats and better facilities. They're very quiet, easy to drive, no licence required.

"I let the boats do the talking. Once customers have been on my pontoons, they don't want to go out on others.”

Back to that Saturday afternoon, we cruised north for a peep at Richard Branson's Makepeace Island, then east where we stopped at the Noosa Woods, a popular swimming bay usually protected from strong winds.

We were cooking lunch when two pontoon boats from a competing company pulled up beside us, and a couple of women with anxious faces asked: "Do you know where the toilets are?”

Mr Algerie is right - luxury is having comfort at your fingertips.

Ready 2 Go Boat Hire offers barbecue pontoon boats, half-cabin motor boats and now fishing charters from three jetties along the Noosa River.

Ready 2 Go Boat Hire

Call Dennis Algerie on 0420 208 680 for more information and to book.

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