Business as usual for grammar school despite scandal

DESPITE a torrid week soured by controversy over two separate allegations of teacher-student relationships, Sunshine Coast Grammar School's open day will go ahead as planned today.

Marketing manager Megan Meineke said the second and final open day of the year was a chance for Grammar staff to highlight the positives the school had to offer.

"If any prospective families have questions over what's happened in the last week, then Maria (principal Maria Woods) will address those directly," Ms Meineke said.

"But the day's not about that. It's about showing prospective families what Grammar is all about."

A large crowd is expected to head to the Forest Glen campus today.

"At this stage, the numbers are looking quite healthy," Ms Meineke said yesterday.

"It's more of a formal setting to start off, with introductions from the heads of teaching areas.

"A morning tea and lunch will be put on for the visitors tomorrow."

The open day begins at 10.30am.

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