SUSTAINABLE: Green mum Sharona Webb with her growing family.
SUSTAINABLE: Green mum Sharona Webb with her growing family. Contributed

Green and clean winner Sharona looks for an edge

A MIGHTY green mum and daughter partnership has taken out a coveted AusMumpreneur Award in Melbourne.

Sharona Webb, of Noosa, has been named the national Sustainability category winner for her green cleaning products after teaming up with mum Tara to found GreenAddict.

The mother of three aged 2, 8 and 11 started a cleaning company in Perth after her second child was born using standard cleaning products and it took off.

"Before we knew it we had 10 staff,” Sharona said.

"Initially we were using all the usual chemical cleaning agents - bleach, spray and wipe etc. Then we noticed that we and our staff were always getting sick, my mum even got the shingles,” Sharona said.

This led Tara and Sharona to search for a natural commercial cleaning solution.

"We trialled everything on the market and the product was either not 100 per cent natural, it didn't work or was not commercially viable.

"Tara, who has a chemistry background, started mixing up different formulations in our laundry and over a few years we developed a range that worked for us,” she said.

Sharona first sold a few products to family and friends and clients loved the products smell and how they cleaned. Life grew busy for Sharona and her family with her husband serving in the SAS and deployed overseas numerous times.

Fast forward to 2017 and the growing family was now based in Noosa with with (husband) Tim working FIFO overseas in oil and gas.

"I had just had Jake my third child and I decided to make up a batch of 'here there and everywhere' purely at that stage because our family wanted some.

"I then began supplying my family and friends and started slowly working on the business part time.”

Sharona worked on her packaging, website, testing and implemented processes and at the beginning of this year she started stocking her products in a local eco-friendly business, Bio Shop Noosa.

GreenAddict is stocked in pharmacies, gourmet groceries, online retailers, boutique eco retailers and has a commercial distributor. All stockists have the same sustainable ethos and values that Sharona and the brand have.

It is used in resorts, cafes, day cares, homes, restaurants and offices.

"GreenAddict is dedicated to providing customers with the purest 100% natural cleaning and household products. They are free of such additives as palm oil, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and animal products.

"Our approach is 'because good planets are hard to find', we believe in cherishing and honouring this one,” she said.

GreenAddict is exhibiting at the ECO-Expo - Brisbane Showgrounds on September 14-16.

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