RENEWABLE PUSH: Senator Larissa Waters with the Greens' candidate for Wide Bay, Daniel Bryar.
RENEWABLE PUSH: Senator Larissa Waters with the Greens' candidate for Wide Bay, Daniel Bryar. Contributed

Greens aiming for a fairer system

RENEWABLE energy implementation is firmly in the sights of the Greens' federal candidate for Wide Bay, who has accused the Coalition Government of ignoring the sector.

"Renewable energy projects have no issue getting funding from the private sector despite the complete lack of energy policy from the Morrison Government,” Daniel Bryar said.

"We don't really need an energy policy that dictates which technology will deliver our future energy needs - the economics will take care of that.

"We just need to ensure public money is not spent on dead-end technology in the meantime.”

Mr Bryar said some of these "risky” coal projects seemed reliant on public funding "despite there being no clear evidence” the money would "ever be paid back”.

The construction company owner joined fellow local Greens candidates, alongside Senator Larissa Waters and the Greens' number two Senate candidate, Navdeep Singh, to push their election claims ahead of the upcoming federal poll.

"I joined the Greens because the party offers sensible, evidence-based policy in all areas of federal responsibility, with fully budgeted outcomes that offer a future for all,” Mr Bryar said.

"I've spent decades in professional business, consulting to all sectors of government and private enterprise in business technology and process automation.

"Recently I've started a construction company because I want to help Queenslanders build sustainable and affordable homes and workplaces.”

Mr Bryar said he aimed to champion policies that promoted sustainable growth in the region and investment that supported the community, such as public infrastructure and job creation.

"We would all benefit from a fairer system, instead of growing inequality,” he said.

"Corporate donations have too much influence on our government.

"We need politics to be free of lobbyists and corporate interests that ride roughshod over the concerns of the community.”

Mr Bryar thanked Sen Waters for helping showcase local candidates Tracy Burton (Fisher), Sue Etheridge (Fairfax) and himself at an event that attracted about 100 supporters.

Sen Waters said: "We are almost certain to see a change of government at the next election and voters need to ensure they have the right representation in the Senate to hold Labor to their promises.”

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