Canadian band Half Moon Run will perform at the 2016 Woodford Folk Festival.
Canadian band Half Moon Run will perform at the 2016 Woodford Folk Festival.

Half Moon Run back in the groove for Woodford

CANADIAN folk rockers Half Moon Run feel right at home on the Sunshine Coast.

The four-piece returns to our shores next month for their third appearance at the Woodford Folk Festival.

"I love Woodford,” lead singer and guitarist Conner Molander tells APN.

"It's one of my top three festivals in the world.”

That's a big endorsement, considering the band has played dozens of festivals this year alone, including Glastonbury in England.

"Glastonbury is the size of a medium city, whereas Woodford is more a tribal, family feel. I like that about it,” Molander says.

"Woodford itself is reason enough to come in my opinion.

"Australia is like paradise in a lot of ways - the weather, the people, even the food.

"We have also made a lot of friends there. Australians and Canadians tend to get along for some reason - maybe because we're ex-colonial bastards or something.”

Next month's Woodford show will be the band's first in Australia since releasing its sophomore album Sun Leads Me On.

"We have a lot more music now and it will be a more dynamic show,” Molander says.

After recently taking some time off to recoup from years of non-stop touring, the band is in the very early stages of working on its next release.

"We've taken time to fuel up and live life and get inspired so we have more ammunition when it comes time to dig into the songwriting,” Molander says.

"I think it's crucial to reinvent your approach and not get stuck in old patterns. We're trying to think about where we stand and what we want to do next.

"It's probably going to be a bit of a different approach the next time around.

"Unfortunately, I'm not going to say too much at this point. When you have a good idea, right away if you go and tell somebody then it kind of ruins it.”

Before the band found success with the debut album Dark Eyes and the hit single Full Circle, Molander was studying psychology and considered becoming a firefighter to pay off his university debts.

"It's good money to do firefighting for a summer (in Canada), but then the guys thought it might jeopardise the future of the band because we had a bit of momentum,” he says.

"So instead, my debt persisted until recently (laughs).

"I'm glad I changed directions but when I think of it now and if I had a child of my own or even with my younger siblings and they said, 'I'm going to go be in a band', I'd say, 'bad idea'.”

The Woodford Folk Festival runs from December 27 to January 1 at Woodfordia. For tickets and more information go to

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