Hands off our Weyba

A FRIENDS of Lake Weyba lobby group has formed to head off what it fears will be a high-density commercial, residential and retirement development stretching across about 200ha of sensitive catchment area.

The FOLW members have been contacting residents in the area to alert them to a pending development application to the council by Mantle Group on a site that would start on the lake's shore.

FOLW has described the lake as "the lungs of Noosa River" but fears this "vital nursery for estuarine and marine species" could have its balance between man and nature upset if the development is allowed to proceed.

They are distributing concept plans that show development between the lake's shore to the north of Tainsh's Nature Refuge and south of Holletts Rd, extending 2.5km west across Walter Hay Dr to the par three golf course.

The group is concerned the development will be able to get around previous zoning restrictions.

The area around the lake, apart from a section of Noosa Springs, is outside the urban footprint and is zoned rural, rural residential or water catchment.

FOLW claim the previous State Government offered to grant a biodiversity offset in February this year, just six months after the Sunshine Coast council voted against such an offset, after receiving a report that development there would not lead to "any net benefit" for the area.

The lobby group said allowing such an offset - that would allow other high conservation areas be conserved as a trade-off - would threaten local wildlife such as kites, koalas, Lake Weyba's eastern grey kangaroo mob and waterbirds

"Development of this scale and intensity will significantly increase the people pressure on Lake Weyba and environs," the FOLW information sheets states.

A Mantle Group spokesman said yesterday that the company was still working through its master plan "and nothing is set is concrete" at this stage as far as development density is concerned.

"We are probably about six to nine months away from finalising the plans and then we will go out to the local community to discuss them with locals," he said.

The Mantle Group is promoting it's Noosa on Weyba development as "a beautiful waterfront property".

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