Osteopath Matthew Daly examines a patient.
Osteopath Matthew Daly examines a patient.

Hands-on medical success

BIOMECHANICS has become one of the most rapidly developing elements of medicine in recent years, with osteopathy forming an invaluable component of mainstream complementary medicine.

While osteopaths are commonplace in the southern states, in Queensland the concept is still gaining popularity.

So what does an osteopath do exactly?

Osteopaths use unique biomechanical principles together with specific techniques to treat muscular, skeletal and functional issues.

Dr Matthew Daly, from the Advanced Health and Injury Clinic in Dicky Beach and Better Health on Buderim Medical Centre, completed five years of full-time university study before becoming a registered osteopath.

“We look at not just the problem but the root of the problem,” Dr Daly said.

“Traditionally, we look at treating and assessing biomechanics of the body.

“What was once coined as ‘alternative' is now most definitely complementary medicine.”

Diagnosis and treatment of an injury is about 90% hands-on in osteopathy, distinguishing the treatment from many other forms of injury and pain treatment.

“We're trying to be inclusive of the body's biomechanics,” Dr Daly said.

“That separates us from physiotherapists and chiropractors.”

In osteopathy, the body is viewed as unique, so treatments are tailored specifically to the patient and their particular requirements.

Soft-tissue techniques including massage and passive joint movement, and thrust techniques such as manipulation, are incorporated into a typical consultation.

Analysis of how injuries occur and understanding their secondary effects are key to ensuring the treatment is successful.

“We get good results in less time than other treatments with a longer and more thorough treatment period,” Dr Daly said.

“I see people less, overall. With an holistic approach, it's about getting people better quicker.”

Dr Daly now works in conjunction with six doctors, treating a varied selection of health issues including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, joint pains, strains, sports injuries and endless other health problems.

“We treat everyone from young kids to older people with a host of health issues,” Dr Daly said.

Treatment times vary as consultations are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each individual patient.

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