Jim Madden is confident he can hold off One Nation in Ipswich West and will stand on his record.
Jim Madden is confident he can hold off One Nation in Ipswich West and will stand on his record. Rob Williams

Hanson set to move on Madden in Ipswich West

PAULINE Hanson has set her sights on winning back Ipswich West for One Nation with sitting ALP MP Jim Madden confident his record in the seat will keep him in good stead

Senator Hanson confirmed she would be running a candidate in Ipswich West and that she had options.

Jack Paff won the seat in 1998 for One Nation on the back of preferences from the Nationals, the only time the party has held office there.

"We've had a lot of interest from candidates wanting to stand there," Senator Hanson said.

"In 1998 we won Ipswich West with 38% of the primary vote.

"There is an undercurrent of disquiet in the whole Ipswich region.

"Unemployment is a huge issue because there used to be a lot of industries with mining and manufacturing but that has gone to the doldrums.

"But we will have policies that can get people back to work and help the economy."

Mr Madden said he was unconcerned by One Nation's looming tilt at his seat.

"I am prepared to run on my record," he said.

"I have tried to be a different sort of state member and much more communicative with my constituents, a bit more like a councillor.

"I think I have represented the Ipswich and Somerset regions well and I have connected well with schools and community groups.

"We have more police in Ipswich West, more funding for our schools and major investments in roads. "We've committed $10 million to the Minden Crossroads and we would have spent $4 million just on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

"We are about to spend $800,000 on Rosewood State School."

Rosewood-based councillor David Pahlke said One Nation was a genuine threat to Mr Madden, who he said needed to pick up his act.

"I am close to 'ground zero' in my community," Cr Pahlke said.

"I am hearing that the seat of Ipswich West is in the 'grasp' position for a One Nation challenge. 

"Feedback from my residents is that Jim is not performing as well as he should be, and he has to lift his game." 


Mr Madden performed well at the last state election in key urban and country booths which he will need to do again.

"I'd be very concerned if my vote in booths in urban areas decreased and I'd hope to hold my vote in the country," he said.


"But the key to me winning Ipswich West are the big suburbs like Brassall. Those inner city suburbs are the key.

"But in saying that I do have to win the bigger country booths like Rosewood."

Historically, Labor has dominated elections in Ipswich West despite losing it on occasions to conservative parties.

The LNP has struggled to attract quality candidates on a regular basis because it is not a seat where you would expect a long political career as an LNP member.

Some Labor sources believe the only way that One Nation can win in Ipswich West is courtesy of LNP preferences. That would require the LNP to finish third and for One Nation to get reasonably close to Mr Madden if the party finished second.

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