Harry and Christo pictured with their calamari entree.
Harry and Christo pictured with their calamari entree.

'Hapless' Harry and Christo redeem themselves on MKR

POOR Harry and Christo just can't seem to catch a break on My Kitchen Rules.

But at least they managed to stay off the bottom of the leader board tonight.

They looked much more calm and collected in the kitchen preparing their second instant restaurant.

Harry wasn't cutting himself or breaking eggs, and then the power goes out.

They thought it was Houser of Horrors take two and struggled to maintain their "zen-like" state.

"We're here to cook, not to cry," Harry said.

But luckily for the likeable Melbourne mates, the shortage only lasted for a few minutes.

They dodged another bullet after choosing the wrong oven setting for their first batch of Amaretti biscuits but saving enough dough to do up another batch.

Harry burns his hand while they're sautéing the calamari, but at least blood's not spattering everywhere.

"We love simple flavours, simple food but there's simple and there's too simple," judge Manu Feildel said.

"If you're going to serve something that simple, then everything needs to be amazing. I think the calamari was a tad under and what I was wanting to taste was the oil and all I tasted was really strong olive oil."

But with the guests waiting three hours for the main course, it was turning into a house of hunger.

Judge Pete Evans took the guys to task over the lengthy wait.

"I thought you would have learned by now you need to get the food on the table at an appropriate time, it was over three hours and all that tells me is you haven't planned properly," Evans said.

"In saying that, I loved your dish. The pheasant was cooked beautifully; the flesh melted in the mouth.

"That bread sauce was one of the best sauces we've have in the competition."

Christo has something to prove with their dessert, choosing to make ice cream again, this time with sugar.

"Ice cream again, good. I think you've finished your night on a high," Feildel said.

"That's what I talk about (when I say) simple food that makes sense."

Evans called the dessert delicious, and it proved to be their savior.

They topped Josh and Danielle's score by 15 points and two teams are still yet to cook.

Cairns couple David and Corinne were talking themselves up again tonight, saying they aim to get the best score in the show's history with their second instant restaurant tomorrow night.



Entrée: Calamari sautéed in capsicum and garlic infused olive oil with seasonal leaves

Main: Roast pheasant with bread sauce and beetroot salad

Dessert: Baked stone fruit with Amaretti crumble and vanilla bean ice cream

Score: 65/100

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