Choice chasing entries for annual Shonky Awards

HAVE you been on the receiving end of unacceptable service or fallen victim to the dodgy claims of unscrupulous businesses?

Well, the CHOICE Shonky Awards, now in its ninth year, is looking to address those imbalances and is calling for nominations for its 2014 edition.

"If you believe a company is being sneaky, slippery, unscrupulous and even unsafe, we want to hear from you," said CHOICE Head of Media Tom Godfrey.

"While not every Shonky Award winner may be breaking laws or breaching regulations, CHOICE believes that consumers deserve better products and services."

Last year Ecoeggs made it into the hall of shame for claiming to be "free range" even though their stocking density of 20,000 birds per hectare is over 13 times higher than the national model code definition of 1500 birds per hectare, as did Qantas for spying on your web searches for not much reward and Energy Australia for failing to tell customers prices were going up until long after the rise.

Nominations can be made at