Feed them fruit and give them zest for life.
Feed them fruit and give them zest for life. Digital Vision.

Healthy after-school food ideas

I REMEMBER as a kid clamouring for my mum's homemade chocolate yogo every time I got home from school. To me, it tasted like heaven but it was actually filled with too much sugar that made me hyper until night time.

But for a school kid, those afternoon snacks are too good to be true. Now that I'm a mum I make sure that my kids have something to come home to after engaging in a lot of school activities.

Here are some simple yet healthy snack ideas for the kids.


FRUIT AND CRACKER PIZZAS: Prepare some crackers and top them with some whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries and any other fruit. Your kids can get the sweetness they want but in a nutritious way.


BAKED APPLE CHIPS: Are your kids bored with having the same apple slices in their lunch bags? Try doing a twist on it by baking them and turning them into yummy, crispy chips.


NUTELLA BANANA BITE: Grab some crackers again, some strawberries (or any fruit your kids like), some whipped cream and Nutella. Layer them all together and you're good to go. Perfect for adults too.


CARAMEL APPLE GRAPES: Grapes dipped in caramel and then in nuts. A little treat that tastes like caramel apple in every bite.


BANANAS FOSTER: Warm up a few teaspoons of coconut oil in a frying pan. While it is heating up, slice a couple of bananas and sprinkle both sides with cinnamon. Fry on each side until golden brown. You can add a scoop of vanilla coconut bliss ice cream on top or eat warm in a cup.


CLASSIC: Ham and cheese always go together. Add a slice of apple and poke everything with a stick, and you're good to go.


FRUIT SELECTION: A fruit skewer is a good after school snack. Cut up different fruits (rockmelon, strawberry, kiwi fruit, banana or any other fruit) and skewer them for a tasty treat.


ICE CREAM SUBSTITUTE: Replace the ice cream in a waffle cone with cut up fresh fruit.

Jody Allen is the founder of Stay At Home Mum: stayathomemum.com.au

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