NOISE WORRY: The Heathland Dr road is causing locals some noise issues.
NOISE WORRY: The Heathland Dr road is causing locals some noise issues. Peter Gardiner

Heathland Drive return of nature funnels traffic noise

ONE of Noosa's leading community-led green actions to reclaim a Sunshine nature strip from choking weed infestation has inadvertently opened up local residents to a noisy traffic nightmare.

That is the claim of at least one of the nearby Cooloosa Street locals, part of a petition demanding Noosa Council erect a barrier to screen off the impacts of traffic streaming along Heathland Drive.

This petition, signed by 10 people annoyed by the impacts of this "extremely busy arterial road”, was presented to the council by Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie for further council consideration.

The residents want a visual/acoustic barrier, possibly an earth wall, after Noosa Bushland Care Group reclaimed a swathe of roadside.

The man, who asked not be named, is not critical of the group's mighty community effort, but said the choking-vine-covered vegetation had formed a green barrier.

"It more noticeable since they pulled out all the noxious stuff,” he said.

"I went back to New Zealand for a few weeks and they cleared a lot of this (infestation out) and the difference was quite notice- able - it was as if someone had turned up the volume.

"Noosa is getting busier. I would describe it as more of a motorway than Heathland Drive. It's even like this at night time.”

He said the "reforestation” efforts was "a good thing” but had come with negative consequences to locals and he was not sure if the tree planted would eventually be a big enough buffer.

"It's going to take a few years to grow up anyway,” he said.

He said the traffic noise woke him early in the mornings, and the school drop-off and pick-up times were horrendous.

Trucks using their brakes and night-time hoons were among the worst offenders.

"I'm pretty tolerant, but its sort of enough to make me feel like moving some- where else. If we sold our house it would be a big negative (on price),” he said.

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