Noosa Council does not want unprovoked dog attacks
Noosa Council does not want unprovoked dog attacks Contributed

Hefty fine after dog mauling

A TEWANTIN woman operating an unapproved dog-minding service has been fined $8000 after her dog mauled the leg of a six-year-old boy last year.

Noosa council is warning other dog owners who do not properly restrain or fence their dogs they could also be facing similar hefty fines in Noosa Magistrates Court if their dogs savaged people or dogs.

Council local laws manager Phil Amson said the boy suffered severe injures in the unprovoked attack.

"In this case, the magistrate agreed the owner failed to take reasonable steps to prevent the attack," Mr Amson said.

"The dog's owner was running an unapproved dog-minding service and the boy and his family arrived at the house to retrieve their own dog when the boy was attacked."

Mr Amson said the magistrate took little time to find the dog's owner guilty, noting that the boy's injuries amounted to grievous bodily harm.

In another incident, a Sunshine Beach dog owner was fined $1500 and ordered to pay $1900 in professional costs for a dog attack at Sunshine Beach, in which a woman and her small breed dog were injured.

"Responsible pet ownership can be as simple as making sure gates are closed to stop dogs wandering the street, or by keeping dogs leashed around other animals or people," he said.

"This prosecution demonstrates both council's commitment to enforcing responsible pet ownership and the seriousness with which the courts deal with dog attacks."

Dog owners who allow their pets to wander also face fines in excess of $230, plus charges for impoundment. 

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