REAL TROOPER: Rick and Linda Robinson say Christine Bunting will be sorely missed.
REAL TROOPER: Rick and Linda Robinson say Christine Bunting will be sorely missed. Peter Gardiner

Here's the drill, they'll miss Chris after years of service

SHE has been the constant, reassuring face who has greeted the patients attending Cooroy Dental Clinic for the past 32 years but, for Christine Bunting, life is now all about quality grandson time.

This 72-year-old Cooran local of more than 40 years spent her last receptionist shift yesterday, as that calm, friendly presence, the sort that will be hard for dentist Rick Robinson and wife Linda to ever properly replace.

"She's the most loyal person we've ever had here and she's always put the surgery first,” said Rick who has worked with Christine for 25 years.

"She's never ever let us down - we'll miss her.”

Christine said she originally worked with dentist Peter Franzmann at the same practice, who was also her neighbour when she and her former husband lived at the much-loved Cooran acreage.

"He (Peter) just asked me to fill in. They were just lovely people to work for and then Rick and Linda took over the practice and I just stayed on.”

Christine used to holiday regularly in Noosa from her home in Newcastle and, like so many, fell in love with the area and eventually made the permanent move.

"It's such a beautiful place and we found a property and I lived there for 40 years. It was 140 acres and originally we had cattle on there.”

Christine was pregnant with her daughter Georgena, who turns 40 on November 22, when they bought locally, and two years later came along her youngest daughter Alex.

The property which hold so many family memories has just sold and Christine is headed to Brisbane to look after two young grandsons and possibly fit in some travel when she can.

Christine said the best part of her job had been the people she worked with and the patients.

"I know them so much, all the patients are beautiful - everyone.”

Peter Gardiner

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