PARTY FOR A PASSION: Hidey Hole events are looking to move into Coolum.
PARTY FOR A PASSION: Hidey Hole events are looking to move into Coolum. Darcy Goss Media

Hidey Hole event to put 'cool' into Coolum

WITH a plan to grow the young creative community, support a charitable cause working in Cambodia, and put the cool back into Coolum, Tracee Wilcock can't wait to launch her pop up event in the beach town.

Watch out Coolum, Hidey Hole is coming.

Tracee volunteered at Maroochydore's Regain Hope op-shop for over a year but hoped for a way to bring in the youth who loved nothing more than a thrifty find.

"It's a shop that's set back from the main road, literally in a hidey hole, so we really needed to do something to bring people in,” she said.

She also found, with her husband a photographer, not enough value was being placed on the artisan community, be they musicians or designers, and wanted to provide a platform where they were able to showcase their work and get paid for doing it.

"I wanted to be the voice that said they are worth being paid,” she said.

"And that was the idea from day dot, to bring that community that absolutely love op-shopping to an environment they love.”

Hidey Hole has since hosted three events, two in Maroochydore and one last weekend at their Noosa store, so the Coolum outpost is the last left on the list.

"Because Coolum doesn't have a night life, I'm so excited to get in there,” Tracee said.

"We have a lot of family events that are really cool - but we're missing that 'too cool for school' vibe, it's only just coming back.

"That's the thing about this crew; they're just out to feel good, support their mates and have a good time. The majority are just so incredible and so stoked to be there, everyone's really cruisey and it draws a really cool crowd.”

Hidey Hole events are all about the community; whether its local businesses getting on board to support or giving back to the Regain Hope stores; there's always an element of giving.

Regain Hope, a charity run almost in its entirety by volunteers, advocates against child abuse and anti-slavery, and Tracee believed it was an honest charity to support.

"These guys have found right missions and places and the money gets dumped straight in their laps,” she said.

"I'm a mum, have two kids, study full time, I help husband run his business from home...

"I'm busy but only reason I do this - I have so much love and passion for this charity, there's so much integrity in this charity.

"I'm not made for on the ground work; this is basically how I can contribute.”

Not only is she contributing to young creatives, an international charity and the Coast's nightlife, she's also offering opportunities for students and volunteers to help out and get a headstart in any way possible - from event management to behind the bar, social media to singing their heart out.

If you can help in any way, Tracee would love to hear from you.

Follow @hideyholeevents on Instagram for more.

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