Housemate violently beaten for refusing to end lease

A MAN bashed and headbutted his female housemate when she refused to let him out of a lease.

Calling his victim a whore, Trevor Dann ran at her, hitting her face and head many times before headbutting her while she lay on the floor.

In the Crown case heard before Ipswich District Court, prosecutor Cameron Wilkins said the man must serve jail time for his violence.

Trevor Terence Dann, 24, pleaded guilty to assaults causing bodily harm to the 39-year-old woman at Lowood in November 2016.

He was then aged 22.

Mr Wilkins said Dann had shared the house with the woman and her partner for six months when Dann and his father tried to have him removed from the lease.

The woman said it was unfair as there were six months left.

The agreed Crown facts said Dann punched the woman, with many blows struck to her face and head.

When she fell, Dann grabbed her with both hands and headbutted her face at least five times, then hit her.

The woman's partner intervened and struck both Dann and his father who became involved in the scuffle.

Bleeding, the victim grabbed the testicles of both Dann and his father, then grabbed a tin of dog food and struck the younger Dann with it.

Dann pushed the woman to her knees. She was taken to Ipswich Hospital with painful facial injuries, bruises, and nasal bone fractures.

Mr Wilkins said the woman also suffered small bite marks "to both sides of her mouth", bruises to her arms and scratches.

Dann admitted causing the injuries but said it was self-defence.

"That is not the case," Mr Wilkins said.

The Crown submitted five photographs of the victims' injuries.

"It was a brutal, persistent, unrelenting attack on a female and caused significant injuries to her," Mr Wilkins said.

Defence barrister Geoffrey Seaholme provided medical evidence about Dann's health. He said the real question was whether Dann should go to jail because of the medical report.

Mr Seaholme said Dann's development and mental health suffered as a result of contracting bacterial meningitis when a baby. This caused him behavioural difficulties.

He was on the autism spectrum and his vulnerabilities left Dann with a low level of tolerance for irritants and confrontation.

Mr Seaholme said Dann had smoked marijuana regularly since the age of 13.

"His (criminal) history has no violence, mainly drug use," Mr Seaholme said.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC said the assaults were serious with many blows and headbutts.

As a result of her facial injuries, the woman was unable to see from one eye and suffered headaches afterward.

"What you did went far in excess of what was necessary. Violence at this level is regarded very seriously," Judge Lynch said. "I accept this was violence that was prolonged and significant but I also have been given a good deal of information about you."

Judge Lynch took into account the medical report on Dann and said jail was not appropriate.

Dann was sentenced to a two-year Probation Order and agreed to psychological counselling and programs..

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