A video of young men opening beer bottles in curious and potentially dangerous ways has gone viral with more than 100,000 views - and could result in injuries if emulated.

Epic beer owner Luke Nicholas supplied the liquid fuel for two friends whose video contains eyebrow-raising methods for popping open bottles, including one man who steadies a bottle with his left hand while drilling the top off with his right.

The video is titled called "How To Open Beer the NZ Way".

It also includes using a angle grinder, a clothes iron, an outboard motor and a hand planer. One man hangs upside down to drink, while another man opens a beer with his teeth. There's also a drive-by beer-opening on a post box.

The clip has drawn warnings about avoiding hazardous behaviour and following common sense.

The Merivale Hand Clinic and Auckland Hospital's Emergency Department weren't aware of any bottle-opening injury trends, but an ACC spokesperson estimated alcohol contributes to 11 per cent of injuries.

"We found elements of this clip amusing and were heartened to see safety gear being used in some scenes," the ACC spokesperson said. "However we wouldn't recommend people trying these out for themselves."

Nicholas wouldn't reveal how many beers were consumed over 48 hours, but at least 24 different bottle-opening methods are shown in the video.

"If opening a beer is dangerous, maybe you shouldn't open it," he said. "You've purchased a beer; you've got to get into it somehow. Beer always gets blamed, but it's RTDs that cause trouble. Look at that nine year old boy at the skate park."

"One of my favourites was the welder, but the post box way was pretty cool," Nicholas said.

"Sometimes the video pushed the envelope. The guys opening the bottle with their teeth, that makes me cringe. It hurts to watch."

Nicholas himself says he prefers using an ordinary key ring bottle opener.

A video showing two men opening Steinlager Pure bottles on a helicopter hovering inches from their faces is currently ahead by 50,000 views, while a compilation which features a man holding his beer and shooting the cap off with a rifle has twice as many views.

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