How to deal with someone else's dog poo in millionaire's row

A sign next to dog poop outside a wealthy Buderim home.
A sign next to dog poop outside a wealthy Buderim home.

POOP happens. But be careful if your dog poops in this wealthy Buderim street.

A sign has been placed outside the home of a multi-million dollar property in Amaroo Drive warning thoughtless dog owners of the consequences if their pooch leaves a poop on this lawn.

"Please leave your address, so I can sh** on your lawn," the sign reads.

"Video surveillance."

The home owner, who asked to remain anonymous, said her husband had put the sign up as he was fed up with someone who didn't clean up after their dog.

"We get lots of people who walk their dogs in the street and generally speaking it's not a problem," she said.

"But we've noticed there has been an extra lot of dog poop, so my husband in a fit put the sign up."

As soon as he had, another neighbour also indicated they were having a similar problem.

"We think it is a particular dog and its owner," she said.

"We are all trying to be on the look out."

Amber Werchon real estate describes Amaroo Drive as a "blue chip location".

"Blue chip Buderim addresses don't come any 'bluer' than leafy, tree-lined Amaroo Drive; boasting premium homes, expansive views and located 'on top' of Buderim within walking distance to town, primary school and amenities."

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