Howzat! packs TV ratings heat

A MASSIVE TV audience of 2.09 million viewers tuned into the second part of the Channel Nine cricket drama Howzat! last night.

The ratings win confirms the dramatisation of Kerry Packer's war with the cricket establishment to create World Series Cricket is TV's biggest local drama of 2012.

The broadcast of part two also matched the ratings for the first instalment - screened last Sunday night to an audience of 2.09 million - viewer for viewer.

Holding an audience like that week to week is rare, particularly for multi-part miniseries.

Most programs show even slight decline from week one to week two to account for parts of the audience who sample and move on.


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Top 10 shows last night

  • Howzat! (9) 2.09 million
  • 60 Minutes (9) 1.66 million
  • Seven News (7) 1.53 million
  • Sunday Night (7) 1.46 million
  • Nine News (9) 1.39 million
  • Big Brother Live Eviction (9) 1.25 million
  • ABC News (ABC) 931,000
  • Grand Designs Revisited (ABC) 919,000
  • Kath & Kim, Souvenir Editions (7) 892,000
  • Dream Build (ABC) 845,000

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