Baden-Clay's Sunshine Coast sex link

UPDATE: GERARD Baden-Clay had sex with a Sunshine Coast real estate agent at the same time he was cheating on his wife with colleague Toni McHugh, his trial has heard.

The accused killer told Brisbane Supreme Court he slept with agent Jackie Crain at a conference in Sydney while he was still having the affair with Ms McHugh.

"That was the only time that we actually had sex," he said.

Ms Crain, who at one time worked for prominent agent Amber Werchon, is believed to have moved to Sydney since news of Allison Baden-Clay's murder made headlines.

Mr Baden-Clay (pictured below) told the court something was missing.

"I just wanted sex," he said.

"Allison and I hadn't had any physical intimacy for years.

"It's no excuse but that's why."

Mr Baden-Clay - who kept breaking down and wiping his eyes with his handkerchief - was explaining why he cheated on his wife.

He admitted he had sex with three women while he was married to Allison.

His affair with Ms McHugh, one of his staff, lasted about three years, while Michelle Hammond lasted a month and Jackie Crane was a one-night stand during a conference in Sydney.

Mr Baden-Clay said he first believed he and Ms McHugh, who also had a partner and twin boys, both wanted the same thing - sex.

He said Ms McHugh had a volatile personality and in the end he was only sleeping with her "for the sake of the business". "As time went on she wanted me to divorce Allison and start a life with her," he said.

"I told her categorically that I would not do that, that my loyalty - it doesn't feel right using that word - but my loyalty was to Allison and my children, and I didn't want to jeopardise that."

Mr Baden-Clay said his physical relationship was non-existent with his wife and their communication was poor.

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