ABLAZE: Fire fighters battle the fire which destroyed Dalby's Commercial Hotel.
ABLAZE: Fire fighters battle the fire which destroyed Dalby's Commercial Hotel. Michael Doyle

'I still can't believe it': Mary's manager

AS THE reality of the loss of Mary's Commercial Hotel sets in, staff from the iconic institution are thankful for the outpouring of community support.

Wednesday's fire left staff in a state of shock, with the manager describing her emotion as disbelief.

Tammy Priddle, venue manager of the Commercial Hotel, said she was notified by a staff member of the fire.

Ms Priddle said the reality had not set in, and she was still coming to terms with the loss of the pub.

"When you get a phone call at 3.45am from a staff member ...you know something is wrong," she said.

"I have seen (the damage) and I still cannot believe it."

Ms Priddle, who has been venue manager for four months said the community support had been welcomed by the staff and the management of the pub.

"Dalby is a small community so we have had quite a lot of people wishing us well,"she said.

"I think it affects the town as much as it affects us."

"Dalby has lost Mary's, and Mary's is an icon.

"I think the community will miss her more than they know."

There was one person inside the hotel when it caught fire on Wednesday morning.

Ms Priddle said she was very thankful they were able to get out of the building safely and call emergency services.

Ms Priddle said the owners of the hotel were waiting for the police report before deciding what to do with the building.

The bottle shop on Nicholson St is owned by the the Commercial Hotel and will remain open.

Investigations into what caused the iconic pub to catch fire are ongoing according to QPS media.

A spokesman for QPS said police were not treating the fire as suspicious.

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