NO OF-FENCE: Henry the bull, in happier times, with Sharon Vaughan.
NO OF-FENCE: Henry the bull, in happier times, with Sharon Vaughan. Contributed

‘I wasn’t brave, I just kicked a cow’: hero

A WOLVI woman has downplayed her heroic actions that saved her father-in-law from being gored to death by a "playful" pet bull, despite her efforts being recognised with a bravery award.

Sharon Vaughan rushed to rescue her father-in-law Fred Vaughan, then 75, who was gored and tossed in the air by the 750kg beast, lovingly named Henry, while helping move cattle on his son's property 20km east of Gympie.

"I was kicking him, punching him in the nose and yelling and screaming, and waving my hands about, whatever I could do," Sharon recalled of trying to distract Henry from causing more deadly damage.

The attack spiralled when Henry's horn snagged Fred's watch band, and a shake of his head tossed the tough bushman violently through the air.

Sharon's actions included ramming the excited bull with the ute, so she could get the wounded Fred safely to the house.

While she tried to downplay her efforts, her father-in-law believes she saved his life.

Sharon has received a Commendation for Brave Conduct as part of 80 awards announced by retiring Governor General Quentin Bryce.

"I'm a bit embarrassed about it; I wasn't very brave, I just kicked a cow," she said.

"Compared to all the other people out there doing brave things, I thought it's a bit lame.

"I think they're a great recognition, and all the stories from the floods, people throwing themselves into floodwaters for rescues, I feel what I did was pretty insignificant."

That's not the view of Fred and of Sharon's husband Rob.

"Very proud, yes, they are," she said.

"Well, it is good; I got a bit of a kick out of it."

Fred spent time in hospital, requiring skin grafts and surgery to battle infection, but survived.

"He still doesn't wear a watch," Mrs Vaughan said.


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