Truck drivers wanting to park at BP Wallan missed out because holiday makers didn't adhear to designated parking signs.
Truck drivers wanting to park at BP Wallan missed out because holiday makers didn't adhear to designated parking signs.

'I won't bury my husband because of someone's poor planning'

THE extended holiday period has created "carpark chaos" in some areas, with truckies reportedly finding many service stations packed out with holiday makers.

In a post shared by the Transport Accident Report- Australia Wide Facebook page during the Easter Weekend, parking at the Wallan BP north bound service station on the Hume  Highway in Victoria was described as a "complete s**t show".

The post directed truckies "looking for parking for your mandatory break" to "forget Wallan BP north bound, the holiday makers are having their mandatory breaks instead".

It went on to say the parking at Glenrowan north bound and Yass were the same and "you can't get fuel at Yass due to the cars parked".

The post was shared 485 times and attracted more than 800 comments, mostly from truck drivers who were unhappy with the situation.

But instead of whinging, some tried to find a solution to the issue.

Ness Craig called for more parking attendants in the holidays.

"It's not right for truckies to suffer," she wrote.

"My husband does push cars out of the way when he needs a park, he will yell at anyone and he shouldn't have to when he's working. Do a better job Wallan BP."

Some commenters called for more education of car and caravan drivers about how to use designated parking lots and truck parking bays especially and some called for the government to build some more rest areas.

Danielle Schultz said all too often, especially during public holidays and school holidays, truck drivers were not able to access safe parking in designated areas due to the public taking up the spaces allocated for them to have their mandatory rest breaks.

"Who will pay for their fines when they can't park up in time and have log book breaches? Who will pay for their funeral when they can't stop for their rest breaks because they are full of caravaners and cars? Without trucks Australia stops. You will have nothing at all without trucks," she said.

"Education for the general public is necessary. I will not bury my husband because someone on holidays couldn't plan their time properly to park where they are supposed to."

But some motorists clearly didn't understand the truckie's plight and what exactly the problem was, with one social media user suggesting it "wasn't the holiday makers fault" and "if you drive a truck for a living you plan your rest stops at areas that aren't full of people simply trying to get away and enjoy a holiday".

"It's not rocket science to realize that a very popular holiday period (increased this year by Easter and Anzac Day being close together) is going to mean the major rest stop petrol stations are going to be bedlam," she wrote.

"Along the Hume there are plenty of other alternative rest tops. Plan your journey, it's your job after all. Surely you would all know this scenario was inevitable? It's not the holiday maker's fault. So many sooky lalas."

Many disagreed with her point of view and asked her to show a little more respect and understanding, pointing out that the issue was the holiday makers parking in the wrong areas.

A BP spokesperson told Big Rigs this afternoon BP had designated parking spots that were clearly signed for truck use only, so it was "disappointing that at times truck drivers were unable to access these". 

"We apologise for the inconvenience this would have caused," the spokesperson said. 

"Easter is always one of the busiest times on the road and, this is reflected at our service stations and travel centres.

"Our team takes all feedback seriously and we'll look at how we can improve in the future.

"BP knows the importance of providing clean, comfortable and safe facilities; our 500 plus truck stop facilities are located on or near major trucking routes allowing convenient access to premium fuel, great food and coffee, and comfortable rest areas."

A truck driver, who wished to stay anonymous, shared this video with Big Rigs after struggling to find a parking spot himself recently. 

"These people are not getting the message not only at Easter time, I spent nearly two hours to find truck parking bays full of cars and caravans," he said.

"If nothing about this is done I'm taking this further, no one gives a s**t about us."

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