‘I’ll cut your legs off’: Teen’s chilling machete threat

"GET on your f***ing knees or I'll cut your f**ing legs off and slice you."

These were the chilling words shouted by a youth wielding a machete before he and his mate hijacked a car.

The two young male victims knelt on the ground beside their car when the youth they had given a lift to made his demands.

Details of the incident were heard before Ipswich Children's Court, where one of the offenders appeared for sentence this week.

Now aged 17, the youth pleaded guilty to a new Crown charge of threatening violence with intent to cause alarm while brandishing a knife on July 15, 2019 in Leichhardt; stealing; and unlawfully using a stolen motor vehicle.

Jason Todman for the Crown prosecution said the youth (then aged 15 and 11 months) was not known by the two male victims.

The victims gave the defendant and another youth a ride so he could look for his missing phone, but he suddenly turned on them.

Wielding the machete he ordered them to get down on their knees, making his threat to slice them.

He then snatched the car keys from the driver and threw them to his mate. They got into the car and as they drove away and yelled out: "See ya suckers".

Mr Todman said the stolen car was later recovered.

The owner's wallet and phone had been in the car.

The youth spent 29 days in a juvenile detention centre after his arrest.

Mr Todman said the co-offender, who was 17 at the time, received a 12-month probation order when sentenced earlier this year.

Defence barrister Nicholas Bennett said the youth had organised a job interview at McDonald's.

In sentencing, Judge Dennis Lynch QC said he took note of the defendant's efforts to improve.

"I've been impressed by the efforts you have made to change your life," he said.

"A lot of people come here after doing stupid things and it takes them a while to wake up. You seem to have done that.

"It is good that you have changed your way of living and have real prospects."

Judge Lynch said fortunately no one was injured when the youth was waving his knife around and making his demands for them to get down on their knees.

He said the youth had been candid in his admissions that his previous offending was committed while he was affected by drugs.

Judge Lynch sentenced him to a six-month probation order.

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