Illegal backpacker camps raise tensions

TENSIONS between backpackers and locals at Rainbow Beach have re-emerged, after cheeky backpackers hung a large line of washing through the trees in Laurie Hanson Park.

An irate resident contacted The Gympie Times, furious at the disregard some backpackers showed towards for the town, parking their vehicles at the Rainbow Beach community hall and defecating and urinating in the streets and on people's lawns.

The eyesore created by the makeshift clothes lines and illegally camps in public parks and roads needed to be addressed by Gympie Regional Council, the resident said.

She called for a crackdown on the behaviour, or some sort of facility at Rainbow Beach to adequately cater for the thousands of young international travellers drawn there every year.

Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne said yesterday the council had no intention of providing facilities for backpackers when there were commercial facilities already available.

"(Gympie Regional) Council continues to have a private security firm patrol the coastal area on a regular basis, but mainly at evening or night," Cr Dyne said.

"The company has been requested on patrol to pay particular attention to campers at Rainbow Beach.

"Whilst council does not condone the actions as identified by your complainant, it is not council intention to provide facilities for these people as there are commercial facilities available."

The issues of illegal camping and defecating in Rainbow beach streets is not new.

A private security firm was engaged to patrol the township to try to stop illegal camping.

Gympie Times

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