I'm pondering the big 'what ifs?'

AFTER 35 years in the media, I am increasingly asking myself: "What if?”.

For example, what if protesters who brought Federal Parliament to a standstill on Wednesday weren't certain their stunt would be reported on?

Would they have chosen to air their views on refugee camps that way?

And if they had chosen a different method, would the focus have been on their message rather than the way they delivered it?

What if the media had ignored Pauline Hanson's reef dive to "prove” that coral bleaching is a myth, 1300km from where the bleaching is happening?

Would she have gone ahead with her stunt, preaching to a handful of the already-converted?

Her ridiculous claims would have gone unchallenged but would it have mattered, given that they wouldn't have been reported on anyway?

What if our Bill Hoffman had ignored the plight of subcontractors who have this week been guaranteed security of payments because of his determination to highlight their plight.

What if? What if? What if?

Does the media get used by self-interest groups?


Do we get criticised for it?


But what if the media didn't report on such things? Who would give voice to the messages, both worthy and ridiculous?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, it has still fallen.

And what if there was no one to tell you until the 100,000th tree fell?

Look out for snakes

Look out for snakes

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