Indianna Kowalczyk receives her coding award from Minister Grace Grace.
Indianna Kowalczyk receives her coding award from Minister Grace Grace.

Indianna’s big adventure with cracking the code win

TO say Indianna Kowalczyk has a head for complex figures is like saying her namesake movie action hero Indiana Jones has a nose for ancient treasures and tonnes of trouble.

The Cooran student has successfully “raided” the 2019 Premier’s Coding Challenge.

and is Years 5/6 Open Platform individual winner.

Indianna is among 24 students across Queensland shared $10,000 worth of robotics and electronics prizes either as individuals or members of teams.

Coding is essential in the development of websites, apps, games and computer software and is the act of creating step-by-step instructions, informing a computer of what it needs to do.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk praised the digital literacy of the next generation of Queenslanders.

“Digital literacy is a skill that is essential to equip our students to successfully navigate the emerging economies of a globally connected world,” she said.

“For the students of today, and for all Queenslanders, cybersafety is a critical element of our online engagement.

“That’s why the 2019 theme, #cybersafeqld, builds and expands on last year’s Stand Up to Cyberbullies competition message.

The judges said: “Indianna’s AppLab digital solution is very engaging and educates the user about cyber safety by offering a series of yes/no questions.

“Linked to this are case studies that help to contextualise the experience for younger users. The external links to additional information were helpful and will assist future users of a fully functional version to learn more about cyber safety.”

Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace MP said that she was thrilled to see Indianna’s skills recognised, and congratulated all students for their participation.

“This is the third year of the Premier’s Coding Challenge, which goes from strength to strength,” said Minister Grace.

“The inaugural challenge in 2017 attracted 140 registrations. That increased to 257 in 2018, and this year entries were almost triple that at 762.

“That’s a tribute to our schools’ implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, and students’ enthusiasm for the subject.

“This coding challenge is just one initiative in our Advancing education action plan, which equips our students with the skills they’ll need for jobs of the future.”

For more information including the list of winners visit the #codingcounts website,

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