OUT: Steve Brady's season is over.
OUT: Steve Brady's season is over. Warren Lynam

Injury strikes T20 premiers where it hurts

CRICKET: Competition leaders Tewantin-Noosa will have the chance to put some distance on two of its chasers in SCCA Division 1 fixtures as the fancied sides clash in Round 6.

Caboolture and Maroochydore, Gympie and Glasshouse, who would have been the target of the smart money for the semi-finals at season's start, will fight among themselves while the Thunder, having played each of the fancied and beaten three, travels to Caloundra for a day/night clash with the win-less Lighthouses.

Glasshouse, out of the four and playing newly crowned T20 champions Gympie, will be without captain Jeremy Schultz and opener Liam Moffett, away at Mackay for the North v South Country trial.

The Albert Park fixture provides a great trip and a tough contest for Coast cricketers, and the Rangers will look to Dan Cahill and Brett Milini to repeat their Round 5 magic with the bat.

The Gold have had their own absences with Country trials, which also cost them the services of hitman Steve Brady for the season with a knee injury.

They're desperate for points to stay in touch after the bye next round. With all the distractions out of the way, perhaps Gympie will find the rhythm required to face the second half of the season in premier fashion.

Caboolture and Maroochydore meet at Grant Road, with the Swans' top order likely to be tested by some quality bowling. Only Adam Thornton has over 200 runs and the late middle order has done most of the heavy lifting runs-wise. The promising surge against Nambour has had no repeat, and a loss to the Snakes could place the visitors at best, a distant fourth.

Caboolture will also look for a solid stint in the middle with no batsman excelling. Though, late starter Andy Schablon has done well.

Captain Matt Anderson makes life easier by taking 17 wickets at 5.5 (ave) with 60% maiden overs, and has great backup, and would expect his top order to do their share.

Nambour has the bye as Tewantin-Noosa looks to maintain its run, and would be favoured if the batting solidarity missing in action in recent season becomes the normal state of play.

Ash Poole, Codey Rzeszkowski and Jarrod Officer cover the core bowling responsibilities pretty well, but need a something to bowl at.

Caloundra is capable of reaching 200 if all goes well, and an evening chase could test the visitors. Patience is needed from the home bats, who will grow.

LADDER: Tewantin- Noosa 47, Caboolture 44, Gympie 41, Maroochydore 34, Glasshouse 28, Nambour 24, Caloundra 11.

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