Searing heat wave hits Ipswich, severe storms threaten

IPSWICH is in for a scorcher tomorrow before rain sets in.

Today at 10.30am the temperature had already soared to just under 28 degrees and was expected to keep rising up to 33 degrees, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

The forecast for tomorrow is even hotter; the BoM expects Ipswich residents will be sweating through a 37 degree day, upgraded from the 35 degrees predicted earlier, with the chance of a thunderstorm in the late afternoon or evening.

BoM meteorologist James Thompson said a drop in winds coming off the ocean was behind the rising temperatures.

"The winds have really died off today and that stagnant weather pattern will keep going tomorrow," Mr Thompson said.

"We will see a change move through later in the day tomorrow, but it will already be pretty hot in Ipswich by then."

If the mercury hits 35 degrees as expected, it still won't be the hottest day this month.

On Sunday, November 13 BoM recorded temperatures of 36.4 degrees at the Amberley weather station.

That doesn't come close to toppling the historical record, but is significantly hotter than the average temperature of 29.6 degrees.

The hottest Ipswich November day since 1941 was two years ago on November 15 when temperatures hit 43 degrees.

Showers have been forecast from Friday through to Tuesday, but a bit of rain might be a refreshing change for the weekend; it's expected to hit 31 degrees on both days.

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