WELCOME RETURN: Micky Massoud loves having her council back.
WELCOME RETURN: Micky Massoud loves having her council back. John Mccutcheon

It was just like ‘getting out of jail’ that day

THE power and the passion for Micky Massoud starts right outside her door at the Noosa River where her family has for more than 100 years let this place seep into their veins.

"Our family the Massouds came here in 1908 - I've been here all my life," Micky said.

"My mother Maisie just simply adored this river and she passed it on to me."

Micky replies with one word when asked what her reaction was when the Coast councils were amalgamated - "horrified"

She still has a nightmare vision of what Noosa might have become.

"Noosa under amalgamation - it's going to have high rise - if they grant it at Maroochydore they couldn't say no to it here. Eventually you couldn't have it any other way, it would have happened. Now we've got our council back, we've got services, we've got the best mayor.

"I prayed it (the de-amalgamation) would happen.

"It was like being let out of jail. It was a big job and how wonderful it is now that we have got Noosa back - the history of the place can be preserved.

"It would have been eventually lost - who would have cared in a regional council?

"They were flat out knowing where Noosa was," Micky said.

One of her real joys these days is to sit overlooking her precious river at a real change.

"You can see the council workers are back on the job.

"One of the best sights for me, the day we de-amalgamated the rubbish truck went past picking up all the wheelie bins - it had Noosa Council on it. I thought that is the best thing I've seen in a long time. They've saved the place for the future generations."

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