It wasn’t just one life sentence...

IT IS one week today that we all breathed a heavy sigh of relief and thought "Thank God" when we heard the guilty verdict for Daniel Morcombe's killer.

I think we all felt a strange raft of emotions ranging from happiness for the Morcombes as they finally have justice for their boy, to relief this monster is no longer walking the streets.

This non-human not only dared to take such trusting children but the damage he inflicted is truly sickening.

I had no idea humans were capable of such evil against our most innocent. I refuse to give him the courtesy (or the infamy) of calling him by his name.

I first met the Morcombes the day after Daniel was taken.

I was a journalist with the local TV news and they were clearly distraught parents hoping for a miracle.

I have shed many tears for them over the past decade as we have all watched their unbearable pain coupled with their refusal to give up on finding their son.

I caught up with the Morcombes yesterday to talk about The Daniel Morcombe Foundation. I gave them both the biggest hug possible.

It is hard to articulate to them what their journey has meant for all of us.

Their determination is as strong as ever to promote child safety. The foundation's Facebook page swelled by 100,000 likes in just three days after the guilty verdict.

Following this Facebook page is another way we can all show our support to the Morcombes.

Denise told me she does read every Facebook comment and will be trying to reply to as many as she can over the next few weeks.

The Morcombes could not speak too freely about their feeling about that monster who is now behind bars as they have signed a media deal that has gagged them for a few months.

The sad story has not finished for them yet. They have said publicly that the murderer's story does not add up (he claims he never molested Daniel) as their son was naked when he was thrown away like some piece of garbage.

I have no doubt they lie awake at night wondering what happened to their son in his final hours.

It is the Morcombes who have been given the life sentence. I suppose the only thing left to close this chapter will be the death of this grub behind bars.

I am a fairly conservative person but this case has changed my thinking. Death is too good for this man.

This case has made me question our legal system and question what is fit punishment for these predators.

In the meantime, please support the foundation and its activities. Proceeds from Hot 91's Ladies Oaks Race Day at Corbould Park this year are supporting the foundation.

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