Kin Kin producer Anita Poteri Auckland.
Kin Kin producer Anita Poteri Auckland. Darryn Smithn

Itchy feet's chance at US TV fame

Around Noosa and on the Sunshine Coast there is a lucrative homesickness cure for new overseas’ settlers that comes with US$1500 and instant television “fame”.

Moving not only house, but countries, is possibly the biggest step of all and one that producers of US cable television hit House Hunters International knew would make for compelling viewing.

Around these parts the person hired to conjure up a bunch of welcome strangers in a strange new land is Kin Kin’s Anita Poteri Auckland, who runs her own company, appropriately called Itchy Feet Media.

She is keen to audition not only new arrivals but even those just in town looking to make the move, so they can feature in one of their episodes. Anita has already produced eight House Hunters episodes in Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

This unusual “work” from home pay-off is not only the cash bonus and the international exposure on the US Home and Garden channel, but a free return trip back to their place of origin.

Anita is keen to cast more local “telegenic” types for Leopard Films USA and the deal is that they get exclusive airtime for their journey of relocation and the pros and cons of actually selecting a home away from the mother or father land.

“There is a lot of interest from people wanting to appear on the show, as they get the entire show devoted to them – they are taken back home and filmed there and over here.”

Anita has just spoken to newcomers to Tewantin about possibly featuring in House Hunters. The main casting criteria are that the couples or families need to speak English, be in for the long haul of the production shoot and not be camera shy.

There is also a $500 pay-off on offer for local TV-friendly real estate agents who are willing to share their experiences on the show.

Certainly, Anita has little trouble empathising with all their experiences; the culture shock and the pleasure of introduced exotics learning the lay of the land.

Anita spent 15 years working in UK television production as an Aussie expat before returning to Australia and becoming Itchy Feet’s executive producer.

“I started in the TV industry in 1995 as a runner, and soon after my first job I worked my way up the ladder, zigzagging from production to creative side.”

She was a third assistant director on TV sci-fi classic Red Dwarf, and this year played a vital role for Talkback Thames TV on the show X Factor UK.

Anita was first assistant director and location manager on a five-day shoot in Sydney and Port Douglas for X Factor UK, which flew out 28 crew and contestants. Contact her at

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