It’s a new dawn and I’m at home

COMMENT by Sami Muirhead: WELL, after a decade of shift work, this week I started a new life.

For what seems like forever I have crept down the stairs in the dark at 4am to go and work on breakfast radio.

I loved my job and I had a very intense love affair with coffee to start my mornings. But my kids never had Mum at home and this was a major part in my decision to switch to afternoon radio.

The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that my kids did not seem to care Mummy was never home.

They are both such independent little souls that this needy mum sometimes wished they would cling to my skirt hem and beg me to stay home.

There was the day when Little Ms Three stood up in show and tell and told the other wide-eyed cherubs that Mummy had to leave her at day care to go to work to talk about "Kim Cardigan's celebrity wedding".

My little girl thought the annoying Kardashian clan were more important than her.

The show-and-tell performance was written in the 'communication' book that is every working mum's friend and our enemy. We love seeing what our kids have done that day but we hate reading everything we have missed.

But the week at home has not gone as smoothly as I had envisaged. My kids are indeed Big Trouble tapped in little people's bodies.

On day one of my new life, I jumped out of bed to make scrambled eggs and was channelling images of The Von Trapp family from The Sound Of Music.

I would nourish my babes' souls and stomachs and we would be all smiles.

But by 7am my 20-month-old cheeky boy had thrown a cup of milk on the glass door; the three-year-old had missed the toilet and then coloured in her sheets with a red felt pen.

So I took a big breath and called out that a hot breakfast was ready.

"But Mummy, we eat cheese sticks for breakfast and watch TV," was the reply from the eldest child. Well, not anymore! Not on my shift!

Come and sit at the table and we will TALK!

The response? Tears, tantrums and screaming! For a good 30 minutes. I was more evil than Malificant.

Frazzled, bedraggled and beaten I gave in. Tomorrow I just may let them eat their bodyweight in cheese sticks. That 4am start is starting to look like a walk in the park.

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