HISTORIC ASSET: The old Cooroy Butter Factory.
HISTORIC ASSET: The old Cooroy Butter Factory. Contributed

Butter Factory is here to stay as community thinking ‘big’

NOOSA Council has told a public meeting it has no intention of shutting down the Cooroy Butter Factory arts centre.

More than 110 locals attended a workshop held last Wednesday night where Councillor Tony Wellington and council community services director Alan (Fox) Rogers "dispelled any myths and clarified council's position".

And according to the two men in a council statement this was "not to close the Butter Factory. But instead develop a better operating model that will create a more vibrant asset for the community".

"We were encouraged to think big and heard ideas about creating: a multi-use facility for arts and music," Mr Rogers said.

He said ideas put forward were for a place where local heritage is preserved and modelling the Butter Factory on other successful regional venues and more.

Another suggestion was for a ceramic centre of excellence. The event was "designed to capture as many ideas as possible through a world cafe-style workshop".

Mr Rogers said his team now needs to hear from those groups who could not attend including "all those who may benefit in the future from having a wonderful venue and facility that the Cooroy Butter Factory could become with the right operational model".

"No ideas are off the table," Mr Rogers said.

The council's Have Your Say website has the council project team posed this question: "What would you like to see it (the Butter Factory) become?"

Juanita Deharo posted: "There's a need for a space for emerging artists and curators to try their wings, for contemporary and experimental theatre, music, and visual arts. Noosa should be a place where local artists, emerging and professional, are encouraged and nurtured, where new and exciting things are happening in the arts. A place where careers in the arts begin. CBF could be the place where this happens."

Firefly said: "I'd hope it still has a component for the arts. I'd also love to see it have a heritage component as that is really not highlighted."

Tony said: "An exhibition space for a wider cross section of the community, not just the arts. Sharing the space among a number of groups needs to happen to utilise the building - it should not be too hard for people to bend a little."

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