Sam Stiller caught a mangrove jack while kayak fishing at Coolum
Sam Stiller caught a mangrove jack while kayak fishing at Coolum

Totally Hooked: Mangrove jacks can’t resist having a go

TARGETING fish hanging around pylons and other structure can be quite tricky, whether it be live baiting or lure fishing there might be a few pointers in this article to assist you next time you take to the water.

Now as we know jacks call home to many spots in the river systems, with a particular favourites being bridge pylons.

Jacks tend to gather around pylons as there's always a consistent food source nearby.

They also use the pylons as cover to hide behind when there's a bit of current running.

Lure fishing is a great way to get among the jack when targeting pylons. Soft plastics such as a Zman 4" Minnowz are a perfect representation of a mullet, with their large shad tail giving the plastic wide body roll which is simply irresistible to jack.

Other fish you might get when fishing around pylons are cod, trevally, jewfish, tarpon and also bream.

These fish can be successfully targeted on the right tides with the right know how. Finesse bream fishing alongside pylons is one of my preferred styles of fishing with the use of a light graphite rod, 1000 size spin reel, 4lb braid and ultra-light fluorocarbon as leader these fish can certainly give you a run for your money.

With soft plastics 2" style shrimp, or prawn plastics rigged on a 1/20th oz depending on the current.

TT hidden weight jig head give you the perfect sink rate and presentation for targeting bream.

Remember to always have your drag set right as these fish know how to wrap you around the pylons.

The Sound Bridge in Noosa River and the Motorway Bridge in Maroochy River are a couple of good areas to start.

Fishing snags: Trying to fish in and around snags can be difficult, with often a tangled mess of sticks and debris hiding under the waterline.

This is what predatory fish like jack love to hide in. If you're using live baits or strip baits try to use the lightest size sinker that you can get away with.

In terms of leader, 30-40lb fluorocarbon is a must, with the hard outer casing and invisibility that fluorocarbon line provides, it really is an essential when chasing jack.

Lures to use: Weedless rigged soft plastics like the 65mm Fuze Prawn Heads and Fuze 60mm Triple Tails can be thrown right into the thickest of snags with the hook points not exposed allowing then the lure to simply roll over and through the timber structure.

The Bassman range of spinnerbaits are jack-slaying weapons. They're well known in the freshwater fishing scene but a few anglers are starting to use them in saltwater.

With a well-placed cast right into the thick of the timber, you can be sure enough to aggravate a jack into a bite.

Try fishing the snags in between the lakes (Lake Cooroibah to Lake Cootharaba) in Noosa River and up Coolum Creek in the Maroochy River.

Now for all the latest information log on to www.fishingnoosa. for up-to-date bar and fishing reports and don't forget to drop into Davo's Tackle World Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out what's biting and where, and remember tight lines and bent spines.

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