CHANGING A GENERATION: Jessica Abraham is the face of a clean beach initiative.
CHANGING A GENERATION: Jessica Abraham is the face of a clean beach initiative. Nicola Brander

Jessica’s at war to clean up beaches

JESSICA Abraham is an ECO Warrior and preparing to go into battle.

The 19-year-old from Wurtulla has been announced the face of ECO Clean Beach Initiative, encouraging teenagers to get outside and help clean up the nation's beaches.

The initiative is a collaborative effort of Australian natural skincare company ECO Modern Essentials and not-for-profit group Take 3.

Jessica was studying for a Bachelor of Environment Science and Marine Science and Management and looking for a new project when her friends told her about the initiative.

"I grew up living right next to the beach and it was in my late teens that I realised how vital a healthy ocean is to a healthy life, and began campaigning to protect it," she said.

"I've seen it change in the last few years. You can't go down without seeing rubbish."

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society volunteer said it was important to change people's mindset.

"We don't have a generation of people who are thinking about it," she said.

"They leave rubbish behind and don't have that mindset trying to change that.

"We can be an ECO Warrior every day without having to go too far out of our routine.

"It's about making a conscious effort to take your own bag to the shops, using reusable bottles and coffee cups, and taking a piece of rubbish home with you each time you go to the beach."

Claire Mitchell co-founded the initiative to change the behaviour of Australia's future generations.

"To have a long-term effect we really need to get young Australians involved and caring about our environment," she said.

Ms Mitchell came up with the idea for the campaign after being inspired by Take 3's message of "take three pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach".

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