ON THE FLY: This flyboarding stunt is something that operators want to bring to Noosa.
ON THE FLY: This flyboarding stunt is something that operators want to bring to Noosa.

Jetpacks won’t fly with council as it reviews land use

FUTURISTIC flyboard water jetpacks, underwater "seabob" jet scooters and land-based segways are all trying their best to muscle in on the action of Noosa tourist hot spots like Main Beach.

However, don't expect Mayor Noel Playford to channel his inner Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale and strap council in for a round of new user-pays thrills and spills out on Laguna Bay - unless there is community demand for such new attractions.

ACCORDING to Noosa Council's land management coordinator, Clint Irwin, since de-amalgamation, his department has been "swamped" by commercial operators wanting to set up business on council community land.

So much so, that council this Thursday will consider Mr Irwin's recommend

ations to call a halt to all new commercial permits in high use, high impact areas like Main Beach, until a new policy framework is in place.

"We're getting swamped at the moment," Mr Irwin told last week's planning and organisation committee.

"We're getting seabobs - jets skis under water, flyboards (water jetpacks), we're getting segways - you name it we're getting it.

"Everyone wants to operate on community land," he said.

Cr Playford said he was "not happy" to see more happen on community land without express interest from the community.

The "wow" factor of new recreational gizmos are not enough to excite Cr Playford into providing community land like Main Beach to "potentially new things".

"There's a limit to how much you can have going on in a particular spot," he said.

"If the community is demanding something - 'hey we want this', well then maybe we should respond.

"But if the community's not doing that then why would we open it up?"

Former Sunshine Coast councillor who was elected to Noosa, Tony Wellington, said he had already "trodden delicately" on the minefield that was commercial activities on public land.

Cr Wellington said Noosa had to decide "whether we intend to expand beyond those businesses that are already operating or whether it's open slather on all council community land".

He said there would be operators on Noosa North Shore who would want to operate on conservation land, and already there were hire business expressions of interest for beach frontage at Boreen Point.

He continued that council must decide "whether we want to set up some sort of restrictions in terms of what is appropriate and not appropriate".

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