RIPPING: Josh Constable expresses himself out in the surf.
RIPPING: Josh Constable expresses himself out in the surf. Contributed

Josh rides new wave of success keeping surfing in the family

NOT a day goes by when Noosa's former world longboard champion Josh Constable does not wake up and feel the "surfing stoke”.

His natural wave break antenna is instantly into action.

"I still surf nearly every day,” the 37-year-old said.

"I wake up in the morning and I think - is it offshore or what?

"I'm competing a little bit but that's not my main focus. I just look for the key events and locations that I want to go and surf at, where I can take the family and we can have a cross-over.

"I surf (in the event) and they can have a holiday.”

"They” are his wife, Anna, and two boys Jet, 12, and Jive, 9, who also love to head out into the break and express their love of surfing.

Last year it took the allure of Malibu in California to recharge the six-time Aussie champion's competitive juices and at the end of the year he's thinking of entering a world tour event in Taiwan.

"I haven't been there, so that's the sort of thing that interests me,” Constable said.

"Obviously the Noosa Festival of Surfing is still special to me because it's in my backyard.”

Constable has won the Noosa event four times.

But these days he is most intent on shaping his Creative Army custom-made boards and supplying his team riders so they can "compete at the highest level on the world stage”.

He also has a mentoring role for talents like Emily Lethbridge, a Noosa product who has taken out a second national junior title and the Australian women's pro circuit in the open section.

"She's still young and she's surfing amazing, so hopefully she can chase down a world longboard title,” he said.

The Constables have held their boys back from competitive surfing to date, though they both love long and short boards.

Their dad wants to keep "the fun factor in it” for a while but he is more than happy to see them having a red-hot crack at basketball, while making sure their school grades are up there as well.

"Anna's still surfing as much as ever - all four of us enjoy going surfing together,” Constable said.

He said wanting to move away from the "selfish” pro circuit where it was all about his results was the spark for Creative Army.

"It's a way of doing what I love in the surfing industry but with a lot of free time at home,” he said.

"It's custom-made - that real interaction with the customer to give them what they need.

"Surfing comes very easy to me but it doesn't come easy to others and I want to make it as easy as possible.”

Constable also has his brand as part of a production line going worldwide through Global Surf Industries.

"There's four of my best-selling models they distribute - I'm in something like 30-40 countries now.”

He said he had shed the pressure to surf just one sponsor's board in comps.

"I'm free now and because I'm shaping my own boards, my quiver is very diverse - like when you were a kid, you'd ride everything and enjoy everything,” he said.

"And that's where my surfing is back to.

"It's pretty cool now.”

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