The urban food street in Buderim.
The urban food street in Buderim. Warren Lynam

Just being neighbourly

WITH reference to John Salter's letter (Daily, February 14): The urban food street is a wonderful place full of residents who have come together to enjoy their achievement of supplying good, wholesome food for all to enjoy.

I bet everyone knows everyone in these streets by first names and, by doing this, ensure elderly and neighbours at risk can be safe in this place.

How many of us know our neighbours and can sit down and have a cuppa and chat?

Not many, I fear.

Now the council is turning bully boy.

How dare Ted Hungerford say, "Do it our way or we will come in and bulldoze the lot."

As Mr Salter said, this is happening in all forms of government.

It's the old claptrap of "do what we say or else".

No, they are not listening to the people because they don't want to and quite honestly they don't know how to.

It's easier to puff their chests out like overstuffed pigeons and say, "We know better."

What I would suggest is that both parties go and have a deep breath and try again.

And as for Cr Hungerford, I think what he said is disgusting and reeks of bully-boy tactics.

Maybe if that's all he can come up with, he should pull his head in or the voting residents will chop it off.


Mt Coolum

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